Guroo Producer is a fast growing Australian EdTech start-up transforming the way people learn at work and university by providing adaptive  digital learning experiences. The company was founded by Josh Humphries, Daniel Steff and Adam Steff in 2016, and offers both learning design services and an agile production technology platform to corporates and education providers.

Guroo Producer’s value proposition is centred around delivering personalised experiences for every learner. This requires close collaboration between the creative and technology brains, and its partners.

“We needed to set up the building blocks of our tech start-up quick smart. Given the field we work in, we knew our accounting platform needed to be online and intuitive from day one for us to get our head out of the blocks,” said Josh Humphries, CEO and Co-founder of Guroo Producer. “We already had a proficient team in place and needed to ensure our team were connected through a centralised platform.”


“Access to our financials through Xero has given us the transparency and flexibility we needed to operate an agile business. The system integration with Employment Hero (an HR program) has also helped us manage the employee onboarding process, employee benefits and leave approvals.”

“Qi Wealth’s advice on structuring the business, streamlining our accounts and helping us connect our people has been a great asset to our business and its growth.”

About Josh Humphries

Josh Humphries is the CEO and co-founder of Guroo Producer. He is a leading technology and design professional who specialises in aligning learning to business outcomes and optimising the learner experience.


About Guroo Producer

Guroo Producer was established in 2016 by co-founders Josh Humphries, Daniel Steff and Adam Steff with the goal to give organisations transparent, affordable, engaging and genuinely transformative learning experiences.