Business Insurance Advice and Services

To plan, protect and prosper

Running a business comes with its own set of complications that arise when something unexpected happens. Failing to prepare for these contingencies leaves your business in a vulnerable position having to draw on additional resources that you simply do not have.

Qi Wealth’s advisers will conduct a full risk assessment of your business to ensure the right structures are in place for business survival, business succession and a smooth transition for the continued operations of a business following the unexpected death of a key person, terminal illness or disablement.

Types of business insurance:

  • Key Person Insurance – Key Person cover intended to protect a business against the financial impact of a key individual’s unforeseen death, terminal illness, permanent disablement or suffering of a critical illness. Our assessment will ensure adequate insurance is in place to cover business costs including:
    • recruiting and training a replacement
    • buying out a key person’s share
    • loss of productivity and sales
    • loss of goodwill and credit ratings
  • Buy/Sell Insurance – Having a clear and agreed plan in place around the ownership of your business protects it from conflict in the event a business owner or partner dies or is permanently disabled. Qi Wealth’s insurance advisers will guide you through putting the right plan in place to facilitate a smooth transition and survival of the business.