John Hefferan (CPA) and Brett Wing (CFP) founded Qi Wealth in 2001. Together they had the vision to create a leading financial services company that would deliver tailored strategies to help clients realize their financial vision.  The combined passion, technical expertise and drive to lead a dynamic team of wealth management professionals has brought Qi Wealth to where it stands today, more focused and astute in delivering service excellence. The values of Qi Wealth and our team in delivering trusted solutions that best reflect client circumstances is further validated by an exemplary Net Promoter Score of 60.4 from our 2017 Client Survey.

We all want to live the unfettered life; unconstrained by money, free to pursue our purpose while enjoying the best life has to offer.

Since the inception of Qi Wealth, we’ve been focused on helping you enjoy the unbound lifestyle; where you can chase your dreams, indulge your wanderlust and explore your passions. We’re a highly knowledgeable team of financial planning, tax and investment professionals that is committed to helping you reach your goals. We understand that while each of our clients has unique situations, their destination is essentially the same – financial independence and a fantastic lifestyle. We’ve invested years in aligning our offering and strategies to help you create a personalised plan that meets all of your needs and yields results. We’re constantly developing innovative ways to better serve your needs, providing you with tailored, flexible and scalable solutions, responding swiftly to changes and using the best technology in the market to achieve timely and accurate results.

At Qi Wealth, we value our relationships with every one of our clients. We’re here to listen to any concerns you have regarding your finances, investments and superannuation. We offer a bespoke service where we take you through strategies and terminology with straightforward recommendations and honest discussions. We go out of our way to keep in contact with you, keep you updated and informed and sometimes even surprise and delight you. Time is ephemeral, so we’re here to help you reach your dreams more swiftly. We’re ultimately committed to designing the life you’ve always wanted by giving you optimal financial advice and freedom wherever and whenever possible.